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Parmarthik- Shikshan - Sanstha
Paramarthik - Shikshan - Sanstha is a training institute for a Mumukshu.Mumukshu is one desires to attain salvation.A query of "who am I" when reaches a climax and the querer steps ahead to seek answer to it is a Mumukshu.Mumukshu is one who loves behind the whole worldly pleasures, all friends and relatives and steps ahead to senounce.

Almost 52 years back the ninth Acharya, of Terapanth sect Acharya Tulsi prophesing the need of the era planned on the institute for Mumukshu, titled Paramarthik Skishan Sanstha.The institute progressed from here moving form to the settled state the institute after its twenties was settled in the deserts of Rajasthan at Ladnun.

Acharya Tulsi not only planned the institute but was also cautious of its being ever progressive and worth while. The titan Tulsi not only needed it but also nurtured it with healthy ideals and protected it from the antogonism, repugnenence and hostility of the orthodox people. Acharya Tulsi's instuition and broadmindedness , his benovolence and discipline shaped this institute.

The organisation is not merely a building of bricks, not merely a gathering of few individuals.The bricks of the building may change, the individuals who come keep progressing towards this aim . A Mumukshu joining this institute is not a life long member of it.They join the institute flourishes different qualities like Non- violence , Non-attachement, truth, celabacy,tolerance at nad steps forward for saintism .Thus these qualities of the exciting Mumukshu group together to become an eternal entity of the instiute . According to the words of Kioko Sugiure the instititution is in a rather isolated and peaceful place away from all the disturbances of city life . Away from the tensions and problems of the world . Yet the training given here has a key to solve the problems of the world and a key to create world peace.

P.S.S. having celebrated her golden jubilie has a spectacular record of training more than 700 Mumukshus,and thus it is an industry producing efficient sadhvis and samnis who travel not only in India but even abroad preaching the philosophy of Non-violence , Anuvrat , Preksha Meditation etc.

The institutions peculiarity lies in her management also.The management being divided betwen two steps. One constituting the people ( lay members ) who have been active since the foundation was laid . These great men's dedication has played a momentious role in the security and upliftment of the institute. The time, power and donation rendered by them can never he remunerated.The lengthy list of these men include late Chogawalji, Klyanmelji, Ranamelji etc and at the present Roopchandji setia. These characterised, eligible and ideal devoters have not only presented themselves as good manager but there psychological approach also helps Mumuksha solve these problems. These comprehensive attituted towards Mumukshas taste, thought and needs has created a progressive land.

The other staff which is a key to this augumenting institute consist of Sadhvis and Samnis. They look after the domestic affairs. These spiritual guidence ministry the inversely of a Mumuksha. These devotes gurdiens help Mumuksha to maintain these mental and bodily health. They play an important role in the upliftment of the unattached minerself.

Education:- P.S.S. is an institute where a Mumuksha achieves both theoretical and practical education. The P.S.S. runs a college captioned " Bremhi Vidya peeth" which revies the history by presenting the RhishiAshrame picture other than this Mumuksha are also the students of Jain Vishwa Bharati Institute deemed university . These educational institutes workes reviving our ancient languages like Sanskrit, Prakrit. Here the students opens the knots of different philosophies.

Today competition in the educational field potrays its importance, but still it has failed to give better citizen, better people to the society. This lacuna in the present educationa is filled up here by the study of ethics. Vivekanand has rightly said "essence of knowledge is not simple collection of photo but concentration of mind". Mind can be concentrated only when controlled. The education system here does not aim at merely increasing the IQ (Intelligence quiotent) but involves the knowledge and experiments covered with better life through the new brains of science "science of living."

Teacher not only feed the students mind with facts but also mould their mind. The thinking and behaviour of a Mumukshu is shaped here.Truely it is said that character building is not the work of a dry paper but a living teacher.Thus the morally strict teacher not only teach the lessons of philosophy and sociology but also of good conduct. Further the students are also being served in this field.

The institute holds camps of Yoga and Meditation which guide a Mumuksha in her personality development. The camps are hold for students and teachers together. They are trained to face life .The educaton of how to live in present, how to avoid mental frustration, how to relate with the one's fellows, how to lived a fresh and healthy life is all thought in this camp.

For a person choosing this field, training is a must since one who renounces has to face drastic changes in life viz. the change of place, living style, attitude, thought etc. A Mumukshu has to transform not only her outfit but also her inner self. The institution provides training in scholastic and disciplinery matters which are presequisites of moastic life. Mumkshu's yearly curiculum includes self discipline and religious duty as well. Mumkshu's journey to different country is all for the society. They preach Lord Mahavira's doctrines.They work in the field of Non-addiction, character building, etc. They guide the people with right path, help them to solve thier probelms, relieve tensions and create a spiritual environment. They work for the eradication of social evils. They follow prakrit saying "tinnam taryanam". They toil aiming at breaking down the birth-death circle.

Parmarthik sikshan sanstha though is quantitatively small but qualitatively it is splendid. Mumksha joining this institute come from different parts of the country and aboard. Sisters differing in their hobbies, thought attitudes are still found together with the thread of love, affection, humbleness and respect. Mumukshu's activities starts off in the late moon light itself. Mum... offers prayers to the percepton then chants eulogy filled with devotion. Mum ponders and conceives Lord Mahavira's world. After these ritual with the rising him progresses pranayame Yoga and Meditation. Thus augmenting purity, subtle powers and the conciousness of the all. Practicals of relalisation and self visualization help in Mum's betterment,establish concord among the Mumkshus. Mumkshus manages the different departments of the institute themselves.

P.S.S. has a library of its own with a collection of vivid books. Books relating to different languages and different subjects Books of different Indian and alien authors as well as different philosophers are found in this treasury.

  • Parmarthik shiksan sanstha is a marvellous institute in only for those zealous to abjure the wordly pleasures, has a code of conduct accordingly.
  • Mumukshu practices minute Non -voilence. Non-voilence not only to the bodily state that also to the level of mind and thought.
  • Mumukshu observes celibacy.
  • Mumukshu practices forbidding attachments from the earthly materials.
  • Mumukshu's supreme goal is being in control. Mumukshu's fausloth natures and environmental complexities with a pleasent conscience.
Mumukshu, progresses from discipline to self -discipline. Mumukshu coming from different exuberant families have a simple living and high thinking. They have to cost out the human infirmities and develop a strong imaculate form. The organisation now in the hands of Acharya Tulsi's successor Yogapradhana Acharya Shri Mahapragya is blooming. The whole and soul of the organisation Acharya Mahapragya's, with his dairroncy is modifying it further. Acharya Mahapragya's handling the institute's remote control views it as a spiritual centre.

Thus Parmarthik Sikshan Sanstha's spiritual centres endeavours to create religious and scientific these ascetic, monastie celebraties and serves the whole world.

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