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Jain Follower -12 Vows
A jain follower has to observe the follwoing 12 vows:

  1. Not inflict any injury on any living being consciously or intentionally.

  2. Not utter lies which will injure anybody or create wrongful loss or gain to anybody.

  3. Not steal goods of anybody.

  4. Not have sex with lady, other than wife.

  5. Will have limit to his wealth, consume surplus in charity.

  6. Will limit sphere of activity.

  7. Will limit articles of consumption.

  8. Will not entertain evil thoughts and not give sinful or harmful advice.

  9. Will practice ‘samayika’ (equanimity of mind for 48 minutes).

  10. Will abstain from worldly activities for one day per year.

  11. Shall practice one day per year of life as a Jain sadhu.

  12. Shall observe full fast once a year.

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