Download Hindi Font (Vigyapti.ttf )
(to view Hindi Articles and News)
Step 1 :
Click here to download font file (Vigyapti.ttf), 48KBytes
Step 2 :
A window will appear (popup) asking for "OPEN" or to "SAVE" options. Select "SAVE" option and Press OK
Step 3 :
Now it will ask for a location to save. Specify a Directory and press SAVE button. It will automatically start downloading the font file to your specified location.
Step 4 :
When download is completed, go to:
"Windows -->Start Menu --> Run" and type the following command "c:\windows\fonts"
Step 5 :
It will Open the Fonts Directory. Go to: File Menu and click on "Install New Font" option. Select the "Drive" and Directory from the "Add Font" dialog box. Select "Vigyapti (TRUE TYPE)" from the "List of Fonts" Box and Click OK button. It will install the Hindi Font.
In case you feel difficulties in Downloading or Installing the font file, please mail to