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Q. 1 : What is Jain Religion ?
Ans : The Religion preached by jins or Arihants in the Jain Religion.
Q. 2 : Who are called Jin ?
Ans : Those who have conquered attachment (Rage) and hatred (Dvesha) are called “Jin:;
Q.3 : Who first prorogated Jainism?
Ans : The first propagator of Jainism was Bhagwan Rishabh Deva.
Q 4 : Who was the last propagator of Jain religion?
Ans : Bhagwan Mahavira.
Q.5 : How many Tirthankaras are there in Jainism ?
Ans. : 24 Tirthankaras.
Q.6 : Which is the main epics of Jain Religion ?
Ans : Agamas.
Q7 : Who was the founder of Terapanth ?
Ans : Acharya Bhikshu.
Q.8 : Who are our deities ?
Ans. : Arhant Bhagwan Mahariv our deity.
Q. 9 : Who is our Guru ?
Ans. : Yugapradhan Acharya shree Mahapragya.
Q.10: Name our Religion.
Ans. : Jain Shwetambar Terapanth.
Q11: Who is our Yuvacharya ?
Ans : Yuvacharya Shree Mahasraman.
Q. 12 Who is our Mahasramani ?
Ans. : Sadhvi Pramukha Kanak Prabhaji
Q.13: Which moral movement was stated by Acharya shree Tulsi ?
Ans. : Anuvrat Movement.
Q.14 : Which technique of Meditation was started by Acharya Shree Mhapragya
Ans. : Preksha Dhyan

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