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1. Gets up daily before sunrise in the morning and goes to bed early.
2. Chants Namaskar Mahamantra everyday in the morning at lest 27 times.
3. Visits monks for obeisance everyday.
4. Bows down to parents daily in the morning.
5. Does yogic exercises daily.
6. Never utters filthy or abusive words.
7. Never eats anything from street vendors and does not eat now and then.
8. Does not smoke or take drinks and chew Gutkha, tobacco etc.
9. Does not take eggs, meat and things containing these.
10. Reads religious books daily.
11. Does his work himself.
12. Tries not to take food after sunset.
13. Avoids reading filthy books or seeing filthy films.

PREKSHA Meditation

Namaskar Posture :

To achieve the divine power and to formulate positive thoughts there are five basic Namaskar postures, as given below.

1. Arham Posture - Om Hreem Namo Arhantanam.
2. Sidh Posture - Om Hreem Namo Sidhanam.
3. Acharya Posture - Om Hreem Namo Ayariyanam.
4. Upadhayay Posture - Om Hreem Namo Uvajhayanam.
5. Muni Posture - Om Hreem Namo Loye savvsahunam.

Eso panch Namukkaro,
          Savv Pavapanasano.
Mangalanam ch savvesim,
          Padhamam havai mangalam.

Tripadi Vandana

  • Every child should keep his hands folded, kneel down and sit in the posture of Vandana. As the word “OM.” is being pronounced, they should start chanting vande...
  • As the word “hreem....” is pronounced, every child should bend his head to the floor level chatting the word “Arham...” and stay in the same posture till the word “Shreem is heard.
  • On listening the word “shreem” every child should return to the original Vandana posture by lifting his head up to normal level. To repeat the same process tow times more, replacing the word “Arham” to “Guruvaram” in the second round and “Sachham” in the final third round.

Mahapran Dhavani (The elocution of Mahaprana)

Sit in the normal posture of sukhasan, keeping the back straight, slowly take a long breath. Now speak like humming through nose like bumble bee. Keep the lips tight. This is called Mahapran Dhvani.

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