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Compassion to living things indeed carries a highly respected meaning to me, It gives one infinite joy to see the fulfillment of what one considers good and desirable. As I grew and came in contact with fellow seekers.
I realised that my understanding of nonviolence was imperfect I sought to understand it in totality. I came to realise that nonviolence meant not to be stung by the oppressive cruelty of circumstances
There is nobody in this world who would not be enraptured by favourable circumstances and hurt by adverse circumstances. I felt one cannot follow nonviolence if one chooses to swim with the current of circumstances. The delusion turn of favourable circumstances incapacitates consciousness, while the vexatiousness caused by adversity renders it blunt.

Nonviolence is that independent state of consciousness. Whatever can be subdued by heat or cold (one condition or the other) cannot be independent. Only that can be independent which cannot be subdued by anything at all. This is the light house of my nonviolence now. I am now more sensitive to living creatures need for compassion. I would not have been constantly sensitive to others' plight if I had remained a prisoner to circumstances.

Circumstances do not always remain uniform. Consciousness reflecting these circumstances cannot also remain uniform. Some people regard me as practical, others do not. Some people think I am spiritual, others think I am playing politics. There are many balances and as many evaluative criteria I am capable of being weighed, being measured so I am weighed and measured. My nonviolence would have been the nonviolence of the lifeless world of stones and my peace of mind would have been the peace of mind of the cemetery, if I had not been weighable and measurable. My nonviolence belongs to the living world of consciousness and my peace of mind is one attested to hold in the midst of the rear of the battle.

It is testified by the fact that I fully examine the personality attributed to me by the evaluation of others, but I finally recognise only that personality which is the product of self-evaluation. My criterion too is my own this is not the voice of my ego. It is the awareness of my existence, which is not countered by another existence. This unopposed, unassailed state of existence alone is my present nonviolence.

Nonviolence has two dimensions- resistance and retaliation or countering. Violence too has these two dimensions. Resistance is self-defence and retaliation fighting the circumstances. If non-violence were to lose resistance and retaliation, its practitioner would become powerless and the balance of power would be in the hand of violent people.

The misunderstanding of the common man about the nonviolence should be removed. People should know that nonviolence is not powerless. It has a much stronger power of resistance and retaliation One who believes in violence resists and counters it, being influenced by it and having accepted it. Violence on either side belongs to the same class. Therefore violence does not end violence it perpetuates itself.

One who believes in nonviolence resists and counters violence by being uninfluenced by if practices nonviolence by rejecting violence. Violence and nonviolence belong to different classes. That is why nonviolence puts an end to violence, absorbs its recurrence. The emergence of an independent consciousness nonviolence and an expensive love, leaving no room for bitterness in its countering or retaliatory power.
I have an untainted attitude. If I had accorded a place in my mind to a consciousness enslaved to circumstances, my puissance would have been stillborn
Can there be a better example of my foolishness than my strengthening the very thing that aims at making me impotent. I have been benefited enough to be able to find my way out of darkness, having been enlightened by the maxim, "Circumstances gain strength in proportion to the loss of self-confidence".
For many years 1 have been trying to ensure the drying up of the source of bitterness in me -the source which does not let happiness grow in me, in fact, which dries it up. I consider having dedicated myself to the deity of nonviolence the day I realised the truth that bitterness returns and harms its source without reaching its target. I am not baring my conscience. I am trying to read it under the illumination of the above eternal truth.
He alone is above the polarities of happiness and sorrow who is immune to heat and cold. He alone is capable to destroying bondage who is not swayed by circumstances. The world of image and its reflection is the world of reaction. In its dictionary the word independence is not found. In it there is neither spontaneous activity, nor any outcome of one's own self; neither one's own power, nor one's own happiness. Whatever there is mere reflection and impression, just regret and ennui. And it will-stay thereas-long as the theatre of violence continues to be the centre of attraction.